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Individual membership in AFS helps you work smarter, increase your value, find answers and make a difference.

Individual membership benefits include:

  • Subscription to MODERN CASTING magazine (completion of requalification form required).

  • Subscription to Member Connections, the AFS Newsletter (print version).

  • Email delivery of E-Connections newsletter.

  • Email delivery of Education Connections newsletter.   

  • Career development through discounts on Cast Metals Institute courses and distance learning.

  • Membership in a local AFS chapter with access to chapter meetings, and regional networking resources.

  • Ability to join AFS Technical committees and influence technology transfer to industry.  

  • Access to the web-based AFS library with discounts on more than 40,000 abstracts.

  • Industry knowledge through discounts on AFS publications (books, research reports, transactions) and AFS Conferences.