Corporate Member BenefitsCorporate Membership Application

Consider becoming an AFS Corporate Member. AFS Corporate Members can take advantage of the following services, subscriptions and discounts: 

Energy Solutions—AFS  offers U.S. Corporate Members a comprehensive, competitive and cost-effective energy solutions package that includes utility bill auditing, identification of refund opportunities, competitive rate assessments, advanced energy procurement assistance, contract reviews, electric conservation programs and alternative energy options.   

Insurance Solutions—To alleviate the concerns to Corporate Members regarding both Risk Management (Property/Casualty Insurance) as well as Human Capital Practices(Employee Benefits), AFS offers Insurance Solutions, a program available through a preferred broker. Benefits differ based on each company’s particular needs with various specialized programs that know and understand the unique needs of the metalcasting industry.

Shipping Solutions—For metalcasters, shipping freight is nothing but an expense that subtracts from the bottom line. To help, AFS has developed the Shipping Solutions program for AFS North American Corporate Members.  

HR Solutions—Offers AFS U.S. Corporate Members a regularly scheduled learning and networking conference, an alternative Workers' Compensation program, endorsed Insurance and Risk Management services, access to the AFS Human Resources Assistance Team, as well as various reports (Labor Agreement Settlement Report) and industry-specific publications (AFS Survey of Wages and Economic Benefits).

Design Solutions—Covering all facets of casting design, including failure analysis, reverse engineering, casting process design and simulation, product performance test evaluations, prototyping and production sourcing, Design Solutions is the key to your successful casting design.

Technical & Engineering Services—AFS offers technical, management, casting design, and environmental, health and safety consultation, and assistance on the telephone or in your plant to ensure your operation is efficient and productive (in-plant assistance is provided at a 50% discount).  From defects to metallurgy to your balance sheet, our experts can cover it all.

Government Advocacy—AFS is your voice in Washington to work with Congress, OSHA and EPA.  

Research & Development—AFS, with its partners, commit to an average of 45 research projects (more than $15 million) annually. Corporate Members have first access to the results from this research.

Metalcasting Marketing—AFS markets metal castings to your customers by educating designers on how to convert fabrications, assemblies and weldments to castings, assisting buyers in finding casting suppliers, advertising in print media and hosting trade show booth space to keep metalcasting in front of your customers.


  • Annual Forecast & Trends
  • Annual Wage and Benefits Survey   
  • Annual Metalcasting Salary Survey 
  • Metal Casting Design & Purchasing Magazine  (mailed to corporate contact)
  • MODERN CASTING Magazine (mailed to corporate contact)
  • Member Connections print newsletter (mailed to corporate contact)
  • E-Connections electronic newsletter
  • International Journal of Metalcasting digital subscription (quarterly)

    *Distribution and pricing based on survey participation.

Education, Training & Career Development for all of your employees:

  • 50% discount (for all employees) on AFS PUBLICATIONS;
  • Discount (for all employees) on registration fees for CMI COURSES, discounted pricing on CMI IN-PLANT TRAINING
  • Minimum $100 discount (for all employees on registration fees for AFS CONFERENCES (reduced price admission to annual Metalcasting Congress)

Access to the AFS Library, the web-based library with more than 39,200 abstracts.

Access to Members-Only content online, including reports, webinars, and articles.

Discounted exhibit booth space at CastExpo, Metalcasting Congress and Cast In North America.

Free corporate affiliate individual members (total number based on sales volume).